• Ashlea Hartz, N.C., RYT

My 5 Healthy Comfort Foods For Stressful Times

When we get stressed it is not uncommon to turn to our favorite foods for moral support. But most often the foods that calmed us as a kid, or made us feel all warm and fuzzy are not the healthiest options. During times of stress the body might crave things like cookies, chips and ice cream, but those foods can actually deplete the body, leading to an even bigger stress response.

So instead try reaching for some of these healthy alternatives to help calm and support your body during times of stress.

Instead of pasta try : Cybele's Free to Eat Superfood Rotini!

This gluten free alternative pasta is made from lentils and vegetables. I love this because I can eat a bowl of "noodles" and still get lots of protein and a serving of veggies too. They offer several different colors representing the different vegetables that are inside including purple which is made with beets, green that has kale , and white made with parsnips. Top with your favorite sauce or just add butter and they are ready for you or your carb loving kids.

If you crave crunchy try: Siete Foods Grain Free Tortilla Chips

These amazing chips even got a plug from Goop Guru Gwyneth Paltrow. I have to say my favorite food growing up was chips and salsa, but corn is no bueno for me anymore, so these chips have been a life saver. Made from the root vegetable cassava, coconut four, and avocado oil, Siete chips are guilt free. Enjoy with your salsa and guacamole or try one of there fun flavor on their own for a satisfying crunchy snack.

Need something sweet try: Jack's Paleo Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let's face it, nothing is better than grandma's perfect cookie. My grandma really nailed the classic chocolate chip and sent me care packages in college, which my roommate also enjoyed. But now looking for a healthier options free of trans fats and white sugar is tough. Until just a few months ago when I discovered Jack's Paleo Kitchen at my local Sprouts. So far I have tried the Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin which are both amazing! These cookies are grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, have no refined sugar and are still delicious I promise!

When we all scream for Ice Cream try: Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss

I have been dairy-free for a while, and I think I have tried every vegan frozen dessert I can find but nothing comes close to Coconut Bliss! They have nailed the combination for the kid favorite cold, creamy, and sweet treat so many of us cling too when times get tough. With a wide variety of flavors in pints and some great novelty items as well you are sure to find what you need to have on hand in the freezer. For me it's the Salty Chocolate Carmel! If I every meet Luna and Larry I might kiss them.

If you need a drink try: GT's Classic Kombucha

Kombucha has been trending for a while, but I am proud to say I was on the wagon from the start. You can find GT's Kombucha at many stores around the country now like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Trader Joe's. If you are over 21 and need a little extra kick, reach for the GT's Classic in the dark bottles, which due to longer fermentation have a time bit of alcohol (up to around 3%). They now offer a Heavenly Hops for beer drinkers, a Mojito which is minty fresh, and I found the new New World Noir very satisfying for my wine cravings. Cheers!

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